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Year 6


Stokenham Area Primary School

Outline Planning for Summer Term 2024 Years 5 & 6

Dear Parents,

Listed below are the themes for each subject area that we will be following this term which we hope you will find useful.

Core Subjects

Year 6 have been working hard towards their Maths SATs papers. After the half-term, work on Maths in Year 6 will be based on a series of real-life scenarios in which children will be given the opportunity to work together and alone using all of the skills they have acquired to solve in-depth and challenging situations in real life contexts. There will also be tasks to help with transition to Year 7. Year 5 will continue to work on refining core skills of number, shape and space and handling data. They will practise applying those skills using an investigative approach and will continue to develop and practise key mathematical skills.

In Year 6 we will be studying a block of work exploring fairy tales using the modern story Blackberry Blue. We will also create an information text in our non-fiction unit, using the text The Lost Book of Adventure. In Year 5 we will be looking at a range of fiction and non-fiction including a fiction unit based on the classic short story, ‘How The Whale Became’, and a biographical book about the ascent of Everest. There will continue to be an emphasis on the importance of becoming a life-long reader and work on how to continue to select appropriate and exciting books for independent reading.

In Year 6 we will be exploring Evolution and Inheritance and Animals Including Humans in our Science work this term. Children will be encouraged to record their findings in a variety of ways. Year 5 will be exploring living things and their habitats. The children will learn and understand specific concepts and will be given the opportunity to set up enquiries, record and evaluate their results. We have also planned a trip to Paignton Zoo to extend our learning in this unit.

We will continue to develop our knowledge and understanding of researching information from the Internet as well as improving our word processing skills.  Year 6 will develop their knowledge and understanding of using a computer to produce their Year Book. Year 5 will learn how to use different drawing tools to help them create vector images and then after half term they will be looking at algorithms, and construct programs in the Scratch programming environment. They will learn how to write programs that ask questions and use selection to control the outcomes based on the answers given.

Year 6 are considering our local area and how geography may change in our future. We will be carrying out fieldwork opportunities to enhance this learning. Year 5 will be learning about the Alpine region of Europe, how the Alps were formed and how homes are adapted to the climate. We will continue to develop our use of physical and political maps to locate places and regions and explain the advantages and disadvantages of tourism in the area.

Year 6 will be researching WWI and WWII using our local knowledge of Exercise Tiger that took place on Slapton sands. Year 5 will be looking at the ancient society of Benin and considering how the historical events of Africa’s past impacted on their future. We will also be looking at a range of artefacts and sources and constructing valid arguments from a range of viewpoints.

In art in Year 6, the children will be engaging with colour in an intuitive and physical way. Taking inspiration from artists who use colour, light and form to create immersive installations, the children will be encouraged to create their own art work. In Year 5, we will be exploring the work of set designers – in the first instance a set designer that works in theatre, and in the second instance a maker that creates sets for animation. The children will go on to explore how they can create their own model set, inspired by a creative stimulus (poetry, prose, film or music).

Year 6 will be beginning to look at their Leaver’s Performance. In Year 5 we will be exploring Pop, Orchestral and Funk music.

Year 6 will be considering ‘What would Jesus do?’  and how this impacts how Christians decide to live their life in our Christianity unit and then after half term consolidate their learning by comparing the ways religious people live their lives compared to humanists. In Year 5 we are learning about the Kingdom of God and how we can link Christian beliefs to help us with problems in the world today. Then after half term we will also be consolidating our knowledge from the year and answering the question ‘How can faith help us when life gets hard?’.

Everyone in the unit will be developing their social skills, learning to get on with each other, respecting people and property. Year 6 will be focusing on Living in the Wider World where they will learn about the importance of belonging to a community, spending decisions that affect the environment and careers and the workplace which will help with their transition to secondary school. Year 6 are also completing their Civic Award this term. Year 5 will be focusing on health and wellbeing by looking into the importance of sleep, physical and mental health and how vaccinations can prevent some diseases. We will also be thinking about our emotional wellbeing, how to use basic first aid techniques and who and when to call emergency services.

Our French this term will explore some very interesting topics. Both Year 5 and Year 6 will consolidate their learning from last term: Year 6 will also look at France and the wider world; Year 5 will be re-visiting a topic explored in our history syllabus – The Olympics, looking at the history and events of both the Ancient and Modern Olympics. 

We are very excited to be able to get back into the swimming pool this term and the children will be notified of their swim day and procedures in due course. Year 5 will also be focusing on Athletics, practicing our running, jumping and throwing skills ready for sports day. Year 6 are focusing on net games learning how to play volleyball, and 6 will have athletics sessions taken by Achieve 4 All.

Forest School:
This term is also our turn in the woods with Mrs Moore and her forest school sessions. Year 5 are before May half-term; Year 6 in the second half-term.

All of the work undertaken will ensure that children are reaching their personal learning goals.  Work is given with support where needed to ensure that everyone can access the curriculum and can “be the best that they can be.”

If you have any items which are relevant to any of the above subject areas we would be delighted to borrow them. 

As usual, it is our hope that you will support your children where necessary with homework, regular reading and the learning of tables and number bonds. 

If you have any queries or concerns about your child’s educational or social development please do not hesitate to contact school and we will organise a meeting with you. You can also send messages via your child’s Reading Record. Thank you for your continued support.

With best wishes,

Charlotte Ramsden and Laura Longland

Year 5 and Year 6

This Year’s Curriculum

Stokenham Area Primary School Curriculum Map

If you would like further information in relation to the curriculum please feel free to contact the school office.