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Year 3

Stokenham Area Primary School

Outline Planning for Autumn Term 2023

Year 3

Dear Parents and Carers,

Firstly, we’d like to welcome you back to school. We hope that you have all enjoyed a wonderful summer and are ready to get back to learning. Please find below the curriculum outline for this Autumn.


In English this term we will be looking at fiction and non-fiction texts, starting with Jack and the Dreamsack. We will be learning about verbs and choices that authors make as well as honing our creative writing skills, developing expanded noun phrases and exploring grammar. We will include direct speech in our texts and considering the devices used to make non-fiction text effective.

We will also be looking at editing and improving our work and reviewing our ideas.


Our class novel for the first half term is Fortunately, the Milk… by Neil Gaiman. We shall use this text each week to work on the comprehension skills of summarising and predicting. In addition, each week we will use an extract to learn how to retrieve, explain and infer information from a text. We plan to use a variety of texts from different areas of the curriculum as well as poetry and classics. Together, this ensures the children have a reading comprehension lesson each day. There will also be opportunities for children pursue their enjoyment of reading independently. Please keep reading at home as much as you can.


The children practise handwriting each day. We have pen licenses at the ready for children who join consistently with correct letter size and formation. This means that they will progress from writing in pencil to pen. 


Monday to Thursday we practise spellings using a variety of techniques for a spelling test on Friday. We give out new spellings on Fridays.


In maths we are recapping adding and subtracting through tens boundaries before moving on to numbers to 1000. We have been looking at using three addends and representing this with resources, images and equations. The next unit will involve us adding, subtracting and using multiples within 1000 as well as investigating volume and mass.


This term our two science topics will be rock and fossils and animals including humans.

We will consider how rocks can be grouped together on the basis of their appearance and simple physical processes, how fossils are formed and how soils are made from rocks and organic matter.

After half term we will learn about nutrition needed by animals, including humans and how we get our nutrition from what we eat. We will learn about diet, skeletons and muscles and why they are important.


We will be learning about climate and weather in Geography this term. The children will discover the difference between weather and climate and will be able to identify the world’s hottest, coldest, wettest and driest locations. We will also be able to describe and give examples of a variety of climates and biomes and know these might affect people’s lives.


Our History topic this half term is the Stone Age. We will learn about the changes in Britain from the Stone Age to the Iron Age and will discover, through a range of sources, what life was like during this time.

Art, Craft and Design

In Art our learning will focus on gestural drawings with charcoal. We will be learning how artists create dramatic drawings and will be making our own atmospheric and suspenseful artwork.

Design and Technology

After half term, we will be designing and making healthy snack bars based on the principles of the Eatwell Plate. We will study the different food groups to decide what to include as part of a healthy and balanced diet.


This term we will develop our understanding of digital devices, with an initial focus on inputs, processes, and outputs. We will also compare digital and non-digital devices and the children will be introduced to computer networks, including devices that make up a network’s infrastructure, such as wireless access points and switches.


Our unit J’apprends le français will teach the children very basic phrases and nouns in French with the aim of providing them with a solid foundation before progressing to more challenging and ambitious units.


This term our two P.E topics will be tag rugby and gymnastics. In tag rugby we will explore how to apply the principles of attack vs defence, with a particular focus on passing and moving to score a try. The children will develop their understanding of when, where and why they need to create space when they are attacking. After half term, our gymnastics focus will be exploring movements and balances in symmetrical and asymmetrical ways.


This term will be learning all about different families and relationships. We will think about how families all look different and how families care for each other.


For the first half of term, we will be looking at Christianity and incarnation. We will find out about the Trinity and Christian Baptism.

After half term we will be looking at Hinduism and what Hindus believe God is like. We will be looking at worship, food, holy texts, shrines and temples.


We music we will be exploring a range of musical genres and thinking about how music brings people together. We will learning three different songs over the next six weeks as well as practicing our harvest song and then moving onto our Christmas production!

Autumn’s curriculum is bursting with variety to enthuse the children and help them develop the range of knowledge and skills they need. We always encourage children to extend their learning beyond the classroom and we welcome them to share this in class, as this is always inspiring for everyone. 

Please feel free to contact us if you would like to discuss your child or have any questions.

Kind regards,

Clare Carter and Susannah Taylor.

This Year’s Curriculum

Stokenham Area Primary School Curriculum Map

If you would like further information in relation to the curriculum please feel free to contact the school office.