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We are aiming to be “the best we can be in pursuit of excellence”

Within Stokenham Area Primary School, we aim to provide a stimulating, safe and structured environment; where children’s enthusiasm to learn is encouraged and where the unique personality of each child is valued.

We aim to develop and extend children’s basic skills under pinning the whole curriculum alongside their creative talents and their moral, social, spiritual and cultural understanding of the world.

We aim to equip children with the knowledge and confidence necessary to enable them to contribute effectively in their rapidly changing world.

We promote equity and equality for all members of our school family.

We actively work together to educate all of our children about the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle and good mental health by promoting both healthy eating and the importance of an active physical lifestyle.

We aim to meet the children’s expectations of the school which include:

  • Feeling good to be there
  • It being interesting and helpful
  • To have fun
  • Bringing learning to life
  • To feel safe and secure
  • To have a go at new challenges and learn from each other.